Making a Webapp with SpringMVC
  • Setting up using Maven + Tomcat
  • Mapping from web requests to Java code
  • Form handling, error handling, etc
Optional add-ons to SpringMVC apps
  • Using Tiles3 for scaffolding
  • Uploading/downloading files via SpringMVC
  • REST access to webservices (with AJAX client)
  • Adding Spring Security
  • Deploying to the cloud (using AppFog and Amazon Web Services)
Spring Data
  • SpringDataJPA (+Hibernate): Accessing a PostgreSQL database
  • SpringDataNoSQL: Accessing a MongoDB database
  • Spring Transactions
  • Complex queries, pagination (e.g. return 25 results at a time) for webapps, etc
Solr (built on Lucene)
  • Setting up
  • Basic text indexing and searching
  • Natural text search (dismax)
  • Geospatial (I’ve only done very basic stuff)
  • SpringDataSolr option – the good, bad and ugly
JavaFX (desktop Java – replaces Swing)
  • What it is, where it’s at, where it’s going and my personal take on it (mixed feelings)
  • Basics on building a JFX app, components, styling, animations, etc
  • JavaFX on mobile (iOS/Android) – current options are rough, probably worth waiting till after JavaOne for a very likely Oracle announcement on this
  • Using Remoting (Hessian, Burlap or SpringInvoker) to make remote calls to a server
  • Deployment options for desktop apps
  • basics – repositories, multi-modules, best practices, building jars/webapps, etc
  • profiles for different environments
  • generating doc
  • How to write a custom plugin (not something you normal do but interesting)
Miscellaneous others
  • Unit testing with Mock objects (and Maven and Spring)
  • Generating PDFs with Apache FOP
  • Reading/writing Excel files with Apache POI
  • JavaMail: sending, receiving, decoding mail
  • Asynch and scheduled methods using Spring
  • Responsive web UIs: Using Twitter Bootstrap and/or Less in a webapp (with Maven)
  • Design/Architecture thoughts for a Spring-based 3-tier webapp